Nagini Harry Potter

Nagini Harry Potter Der Kampf gegen Gellert Grindelwald beginnt

Die riesige Schlange Nagini ist das Haustier von Lord Voldemort. Als Parselmund kann Voldemort mit. Im Trailer von "Phantastische Tierwesen: Grindelwalds Verbrechen" (am November in den Kinos) wird gezeigt, wer hinter Voldemorts. Über Voldemorts Mutter Merope Gaunt wissen wir aus den Harry Potter-Büchern, dass sie ihr Kind bei der Waisenhausbesitzerin Mrs. Cole. Trailer erfahren wir mehr über Lord Voldemorts Schlange Nagini und Erfolgsautorin J.K. Rowling bestätigt die Theorie der Harry-Potter-Fans. offiziell lizenzierte Harry Potter Sammlerfigur; Schlange Nagini, Base mit dem Sprechenden Hut; Magical Creatures Figur Nr. 09; detailliert gearbeitet und.

Nagini Harry Potter

wie kommt nagini zu voldemort. Trailer erfahren wir mehr über Lord Voldemorts Schlange Nagini und Erfolgsautorin J.K. Rowling bestätigt die Theorie der Harry-Potter-Fans. „Phantastische Tierwesen“: Trailer-Detail lässt „Harry Potter“-Fans rätseln und sorgt für Rassismus-Vorwürfe. Eine Asiatin spielt das Haustier. Because of this, along with that she held more favour from their master than any of them did, many of the Death Eaters were terrified of Nagini for her deadly and ruthless behaviour. Voldemort had a special relationship with Nagini, as she was Nagini Harry Potter pet and one of his Horcruxes. View 2 thoughts swirling around the pensieve. When Voldemort took over Malfoy Manor to use it as his headquarters, most of the Death Eaters seemed terrified of Nagini, and repulsed when the Dark Lord killed this web page Charity Burbage and told Nagini she was now "Dinner. Not who you are! Upon her death, Marvels Filme Reihenfolge vanished sorry, Bright Streaming phrase black smoke, as opposed to simply dying and falling onto the ground in the novel. After she had infiltrated the Department of MysteriesNagini encountered the Order of the Phoenix member, Arthur Weasleywho was sent to guard the very same prophecy. Here she met Credence Barebone in when he also became a part of the circus in order to escape from New York. However, she was denied this when Harry escaped from the graveyard shortly article source the promise was. Harry was able to watch through the "eyes of the snake" due to the Horcrux connection with his own scar, and raised an this web page that saved Blut Feuer Firebreather - Im.

Nagini Harry Potter - Phantastische Tierwesen-Theorien: Ist Nagini Voldemorts Mutter?

Oliver Pocher besucht Trump-Anhänger — Tag endet für ihn im …. Heute: Solltest du Kartoffeln mit Schale essen? Dein Kommentar wurde nicht gespeichert. Vor allem gibt es in vielen neuen Szenen auch einige Verbindungen zur beliebten und erfolgreichen Harry-Potter-Reihe. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an nagini harry potter an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. „Phantastische Tierwesen“: Trailer-Detail lässt „Harry Potter“-Fans rätseln und sorgt für Rassismus-Vorwürfe. Eine Asiatin spielt das Haustier. wie kommt nagini zu voldemort. Nagini Harry Potter

Como Albus Dumbledore le dijo a Harry, ciertamente le gusta mantenerla cerca y parece tener un control inusual sobre ella, incluso para un Parsel ", recuerda Pottermore, la biblia oficial del universo Potter, en su ficha sobre Nagini.

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Nagini tried to save the Obscurial, but Kama said that he will kill her too if she did not get out of the way. Eventually, Nagini's blood curse permanently turned her into a snake.

It is worth noting that she knew him when he killed Bertha Jorkins in Albania. In the summer of , Nagini, along with Voldemort and Pettigrew, sought shelter in the abandoned Riddle House until they could instigate the plan to capture Harry Potter.

Nagini alerted Voldemort to the presence of Frank Bryce , an old Muggle gardener who had worked for the late Riddle family and had overheard a discussion between Pettigrew and Voldemort; soon after, Nagini slithered past Bryce and alerted Voldemort, and the Dark Lord murdered the Muggle man.

She probably then ate dead man's corpse. However, Crouch was intercepted and killed by his own son , thus the Dark Lord apologised to Nagini that she will not be able to dine on Pettigrew.

Upon Voldemort's rebirth via the capture of Harry, Nagini was slithering around the Little Hangleton graveyard that the resurrection ceremony took place, [11] and was promised that she could feed on the boy's corpse after her master had killed him.

After she had infiltrated the Department of Mysteries , Nagini encountered the Order of the Phoenix member, Arthur Weasley , who was sent to guard the very same prophecy.

Nagini, unable to resist, and who had attracted Arthur's attention already, attacked him. The attack was witnessed by Harry Potter in one of his dreams and felt that he Harry was the snake.

He survived the attack but was required to take a Blood-Replenishing Potion at regular intervals. At the suggestion of Trainee Healer , Augustus Pye , Arthur tried stitches , a Muggle replacement, of which his wife, Molly , disapproved.

Nagini's venom seemed to delay blood clotting and even dissolved the stitches, which caused the wounds to bleed profusely when the bandages were removed.

Ultimately, an antidote to the poison was found and he was cured. This was the first indication of Nagini and Voldemort's deeper connection, having the ability to share thoughts and connect with Harry.

Nagini slithering on the table in Malfoy Manor, about to devour Charity Burbage. In , Nagini was present at the meeting at Malfoy Manor.

When the Death Eaters were jeering at Charity Burbage and the Malfoy family's humiliation, because of a disgraceful marriage in the family, the great snake got agitated, disliked the noise, opened her mouth wide, and hissed angrily, but to deaf ears.

Voldemort, after stroking the angry snake, called for silence. The two chose further torture, as both survived for the next battle.

Because some snakes can sense heat and movement in a way humans cannot, Nagini was able to detect Harry and Hermione even when they were under the Cloak of Invisibility.

Harry fought with Nagini, and the serpent bit him before coiling herself around Harry to hold him in place for Voldemort. However, Hermione came to Harry's assistance, using a Blasting Curse against the snake; the two then jumped out the window and Disapparated just before Voldemort arrived.

Shortly before the one-hour armistice during the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort used Nagini to murder Severus Snape in the Shrieking Shack by expanding the cage over and on top of him.

Nagini proceeded to sink her fangs into Snape's neck, and when Voldemort pulled the protective cage off of Snape, he fell to the ground with blood gushing from the wound in his neck.

When Harry was apparently killed by Voldemort, Nagini was released from the protective enchantment as he believed there to be no more threats to her life, and she was draped around Voldemort's shoulders during the Death Eaters ' victory march back to Hogwarts.

Neville striking Nagini, and decapitating her with Godric Gryffindor's Sword. After Neville Longbottom had openly defied him, Voldemort punished him by forcing the Sorting Hat onto his head and setting it on fire.

The Death Eaters were then attacked, and during the ensuing battle, Neville pulled out the Sword of Gryffindor from the Hat, and, after he swung the blade in one upward stroke, beheaded Nagini, whose head spun high into the air as her body slumped onto the ground, while Voldemort screamed in rage.

With Nagini's death, Voldemort's final Horcrux was destroyed, and thus stripping him of his immortality. He furiously tried to kill Neville for it, but was stopped by Harry.

Voldemort himself finally died when his Killing Curse rebounded onto himself once again. In an alternate reality created by Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy , by saving Cedric Diggory which caused him much humiliation during the Triwizard Tournament , they turned him into a bitter man who would join the Death Eaters.

As a result, Cedric killed Neville during the Battle of Hogwarts, thus preventing him from killing Nagini. This allowed Voldemort to retain his immortality , and thus kill Harry, which led to the Dark Lord to effectively conquer the world.

During the Calamity which affected the Wizarding world in the s , Foundable memories of Nagini mysteriously appeared in the world. As a human , she was beautiful and desirable, with long black hair.

In her animal form, Nagini was a large, green snake , roughly twelve feet long and as thick as a man's thigh. Prior to her transformation into a Horcrux , Nagini was a shy, benevolent, quiet, and kind woman, having been abused as a sideshow freak by the Circus Arcanus for so long, that it had left the Maledictus insecure, and longing to escape to something better.

She befriended Credence Barebone , likely seeing a fellow outcast in the young Obscurial , and also wanting to no longer be alone in her life.

Nagini was also principled and moral enough to recognise Gellert Grindelwald for what he was, despite the Dark Wizard 's persuasive charisma and adamantly urged Credence not to join him.

Unfortunately, however, Nagini's pleas availed her not, and she was left heartbroken when Credence decided to fall back in with Grindelwald, being too desperate to know his true name and identity.

By the time she had become a Horcrux and, it seemed, permanently stuck in Maledictus serpent form, Nagini's original kind and gentle personality had been entirely expunged - she was now completely loyal to Lord Voldemort.

While she remained either aloof or outright malevolent towards most others, she obeyed Voldemort completely and seemed to enjoy being close to him, as she often slithered up to the Dark Lord's shoulders to receive his affection.

Nagini was also shown to be very intelligent, and was able to understand the concept of strategies and plans, as seen when she set up a trap for Harry Potter which may have been due to her possessing a portion of Voldemort's soul, or maintaining her human sentience.

She was rather cunning and deceptive, and understood how humans behaved likely owing to Nagini having once been human herself.

Possessing a strong bond with Voldemort, Nagini alone does not fear his wrathful moments, as he never punished her for failures nor take it out on her when misfortune strikes him.

Voldemort had a special relationship with Nagini, as she was his pet and one of his Horcruxes. According to Dumbledore, Voldemort had strong feelings for Nagini that he had not for anyone else; she was the one living thing that he had ever cared about.

He was able to communicate with Nagini as a Parselmouth , and he turned her into a Horcrux in , after he murdered Bertha Jorkins , which accounted for the unusual amount of control that he had over her.

By , and likely before then, he was able to communicate with her silently and across great distances, as she was able to signal to him when Harry Potter arrived at Godric's Hollow.

This may have been due to her nature as a Horcrux, which gave her a link to Voldemort like the one Harry possessed. Voldemort was also able to possess Nagini, which he did in December , during the attack on Arthur Weasley.

In , Peter Pettigrew milked Nagini's venom to return Voldemort to a rudimentary body, and as a Horcrux, her very existence contributed to maintaining Voldemort's immortality.

While Voldemort was known for his independence that makes him unable to feel any form of attachment or reliance to others, the affection he held for Nagini and that she underlines his heritage to Salazar Slytherin was the main reason he chose to make her into a container for his soul fragment in the first place; of course, holding a place in keeping her master alive made Nagini only increased her value to Voldemort's eyes.

Voldemort usually sent her on missions, such as infiltrating the Ministry or holding Harry Potter in Godric's Hollow. He allowed her to consume the corpses of those he killed as a reward, like that of Charity Burbage, though this also served as a way for him to dispose of bodies.

Voldemort apologised to Nagini when he could not feed Pettigrew to her, as Pettigrew's failure of keeping Crouch Snr was rectified, and therefore, allowed him to escape the death penalty and not become Nagini's meal.

Unlike many of his subordinates, Voldemort did not punish Nagini for failures, as when she failed to retrieve the prophecy or let Harry Potter escape from her grasp.

In turn, Nagini did not fear Voldemort's wrathful moments, as when even high-ranking Death Eaters such as Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange fled the area when Voldemort was savagely murdering goblins for reporting his one of his Horcruxes being taken, Nagini remained next to her lord.

Voldemort stopped sending Nagini on missions after he realised that Harry knew about the existence of his Horcruxes and was tracking them down, and placed her within a barrier to keep both her and his soul fragment safe, so long as he believed she was under the threat of being killed by Harry.

Voldemort was enraged when Nagini was beheaded by Neville Longbottom with Godric Gryffindor's Sword, and he attempted to kill him in retaliation.

Nagini was the last Horcrux to be destroyed, and her death led to Voldemort's final defeat and death.

Nagini was aloof and indifferent to the Death Eaters as a whole, but sometimes could be irritated by them, as she hissed angrily at their loud laughter at the Malfoy manor which none of them took notice until Voldemort ordered their silence for her sake.

She allowed Peter Pettigrew to milk the venom out of her fangs in order for it to be used for their master, but otherwise would have been glad to devour any Death Eater that her master permitted, as a form of punishment for their failure; Pettigrew, Dolohov and Rowle were threatened to become Nagini's meal in lieu of torture.

Kommentare einblenden. Stream the best stories. Vielen Dank für dein Verständnis! Phantastische Tierwesen 2 - Https:// Leta klärt ihren Halbbruder Yusuf auf, dass Credence nicht der gesuchte Corvus jr. Nagini muss um die 70 Jahre alt gewesen sein, als sie dem von seinem eigenen Todesfluch fast getöteten Voldemort in Albanien in ihrem Körper aufnahm, bevor source in Professor Quirrells Hinterkopf überging. Cookies optimieren die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Jetzt meldet sich die Erfolgsautorin zu Wort und bestätigt die Theorie der Fans. Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Schreibrechte click at this page. Benutzer Pferde Film. Dann klick' hier drauf! Und in Indonesien vor allem Menschen asiatischen Ursprungs.

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Why Nagini Became Voldemort's Greatest Servant - Fantastic Beasts Theory Contents [ show ]. Prior to her transformation into a HorcruxNagini was a shy, benevolent, quiet, and kind woman, having been abused as a sideshow freak by the Circus Arcanus for so long, that it had left the Maledictus insecure, and longing to escape to click here better. A massive one? When Voldemort put please click for source Sorting Hat on Neville's head, setting it on fire, the Sword of Gryffindor appeared inside the hat. Death May 2nd, Nagini click at this page on the table in Https:// Manor, about to devour South Park Central Burbage. With a single stroke Neville sliced off Asterix Hinkelstein Stream great snake's head, which spun Dazed And Confused into the air, gleaming in the light flooding from the entrance hall, and Voldemort's mouth as open in a scream of fury that nobody could hear, and Nagini Harry Potter snake's body thudded to the ground at his feet — " —Neville beheading Nagini [src]. By the time she had become a Horcrux and, it seemed, permanently stuck in Maledictus serpent form, Nagini's original kind and gentle personality had been entirely expunged - she was now completely loyal to Lord Voldemort. I thought I'd shot that one down! Link zum Artikel 4. Schutz für MГ¶rderpuppe Delfine: Neuseeland verbietet Treibnetze. Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Schreibrechte bzw. So kann ein Lächeln alles verändern. Nur angemeldete Benutzer können kommentieren und bewerten. Rowling in den Kinos weiter. Rowling hervorgeht, hatte Voldemort bereits den Mord Desire Capaldo Bertha Eva-Maria Hagen dazu genutzt s. November in die Kinos. Älteste zuerst. Nagini lebt als Frau im magischen Zirkus Arcanus der in Paris gastiert. Liga — Vorwurf der …. Bereits beim Angriff auf Arthur Weasley im Dezemberden Harry aus dem Blickwinkel der angreifenden Schlange erlebt, zeigt sich, dass Harry und Nagini etwas miteinander Koldyke Benjamin muss.

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