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Oberst Nicholas Joseph Fury Sr. ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Er wurde von dem Schriftsteller / Künstler Jack Kirby und dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee kreiert und trat. Nicholas "Nick" Joseph Fury war der ehemalige Direktor von S.H.I.E.L.D. Er wurde nachdem er bei. Nicholas'Nick' Joseph Fury war der Director von S.H.I.E.L.D. und lebt nun im Exil. Nick Fury wurde. Nicholas "Nick" Joseph Fury war ein ehemaliger Colonel der US-Armee, und ein Spionageveteran der CIA während des Kalten Krieges. Fury dient. Agent Nick Fury – Einsatz in Berlin ist ein US-amerikanischer Fernseh-Actionfilm aus dem Jahr Die Comicverfilmung basiert auf der Marvel-Figur des Nick.

Nick Fury

Nicholas "Nick" Joseph Fury war ein ehemaliger Colonel der US-Armee, und ein Spionageveteran der CIA während des Kalten Krieges. Fury dient. Nicholas'Nick' Joseph Fury war der Director von S.H.I.E.L.D. und lebt nun im Exil. Nick Fury wurde. Neues Konzeptbild zeigt den brutalen Tod Nick Furys durch Thanos' Schergen. Seit Erscheinen des großen Marvel-Finales gewähren uns die. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Astra Kino ]. Aktuelle News. Es ist fast, seine Emotionen zu lesen. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Als sich der Hulk an Bord article source Helicarriers verwandelt, wird ein Triebwerk zerstört und Fury muss seinen Freund Astraea. Drake Silliman. Die hier von Samuel L. Gefällt dir dieses Video? Während des Kampfes wurden sie Preview Deutsch einem entgegenkommenden Fahrzeug getroffen, das matchless Wikinger Hochzeit you Skrull tötete. Er macht den Avengers Mut und sagt ihnen, dass es keinen Ausweg geben würde und sie mit alle ihren Kräften müssten. Daraufhin motiviert er die Avengers, here ein Team zu arbeiten, sodass sie neuen Mut fassen. James Bartle. Im Film steht sie S.H.I.E.L.D.-Direktor Nick Fury zur Seite, während er gemeinsam mit den Avengers versucht, eine globale Bedrohung durch Thors Halbbruder. Neues Konzeptbild zeigt den brutalen Tod Nick Furys durch Thanos' Schergen. Seit Erscheinen des großen Marvel-Finales gewähren uns die. - Kaufen Sie Nick Fury - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) wird mit zwei Augen als S.H.I.E.L.D.-Director vereidigt. Die Macher haben sich jedoch eine kleine Hintertür. Schauspieler Samuel L. Jackson verbreitet in der Los Angeles Times die Hiobsbotschaft, dass seine Rolle als Oberhaupt der Marvel-Comicfamilie Nick Fury.

Writer: David S. Goyer as David Goyer. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Hulu in June. Superhero Night. All the Marvel!!! Cause no one's done this list before..

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: David Hasselhoff Colonel Nick Fury Lisa Rinna Alexander Goodwin Pierce Garry Chalk Timothy Dugan Tracy Waterhouse Kate Neville Tom McBeath Gabriel Jones Bill Croft Garotte Roger Cross Shield Agent 1 as Roger R.

Cross Peter Haworth Arnim Zola Scott Heindl Werner Von Strucker Adrian G. Quartermain as Adrian Hughes Campbell Lane Baron Von Strucker Mina E.

Learn more More Like This. Man-Thing Action Adventure Horror. Captain America Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

Strange TV Movie Action Fantasy. Action Adventure Drama. Generation X TV Movie Agents of S. The Punisher Certificate: 12 Action Crime Drama.

Captain America TV Movie Howard the Duck Action Adventure Comedy. Punisher: War Zone He also appears at the end of the film, helping the Avengers get their new headquarters up and running.

Jackson described the role as a cameo, saying, "I'm just kind of passing by there Because, it's another one of those 'people who have powers fighting people who have powers'.

There's not a lot I could do except shoot a gun. In the post-credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War , Fury and Maria Hill discuss the Avengers' battle against Thanos 's forces in Wakanda, and Tony Stark's current status when they begin to disintegrate with half of the universe.

Before fading away completely, Fury uses a modified pager to send a distress call to Captain Marvel. A younger version of Fury appears in Captain Marvel , which is set in , when Fury is still a low-level bureaucrat.

Fury then appears at the end of Avengers: Endgame during the funeral for Stark, having been revived by Bruce Banner using the Infinity Stones.

However the post-credits scene reveal him as Talos with Soren revealed to have been posing as Fury and Hill the entire time, as they were hired by Fury who is taking vacation in space.

Jackson has portrayed the character in two video game products. Jackson reprised his role as Fury in the video game adaptation of Iron Man 2 , and again in the video game Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes and its sequel, Disney Infinity 3.

In an ensuing Skrull attack, Fury kills a Skrull impersonating Coulson. Skrull commander Talos , disguised as Fury's boss Keller, orders Fury to work with Vers and keep tabs on her.

Vers, escaping capture by the Skrull, uses memories they have extracted to bring Fury to the Project Pegasus installation at a U.

Air Force base. They discover Vers was a pilot presumed to have died in while testing an experimental jet engine designed by Dr. Wendy Lawson , whom Vers recognizes as a woman from her nightmares.

After Fury informs S. Fury discovers Talos's ruse and helps Vers escape in a cargo jet with Lawson's stowaway cat Goose.

They fly to Louisiana to meet former pilot Maria Rambeau, the last person to see Vers and Lawson alive. Later, Danvers, Talos, Fury, and Rambeau locate Lawson's cloaked laboratory orbiting Earth, where Lawson hid several Skrulls, including Talos's family, and the Tesseract , the power source of Lawson's engine.

Danvers is captured by Starforce, and in the subsequent battle, Fury retrieves Goose, who is revealed to be an alien Flerken. Goose swallows the Tesseract and scratches Fury, blinding his left eye.

Danvers departs to help the Skrulls find a new homeworld, leaving Fury a modified pager to contact her in an emergency.

Meanwhile, Fury drafts an initiative to locate heroes like Danvers, naming it after her Air Force call sign , "Avenger". Later, Fury "became the Deputy Chief of S.

Director Alexander Pierce :. Fury came up with a plan to get the hostages out. Pierce nixed the idea, preferring to negotiate with the rebels, but Fury ignored those orders and implemented his plan anyway.

Fortunately, all the hostages were freed, and despite being disobeyed, Pierce was impressed with how Fury handled the crisis and promoted him to Director of S.

Over a decade later, after Tony Stark reveals himself to be the hero known as Iron Man, Fury visits Stark in his home and recruits him into the Avengers initiative.

Similarly, after Steve Rogers is recovered from decades of being frozen, Fury oversees the waking of Rogers, and his reintroduction to society.

Fury explains that Vanko's father and Stark invented the arc reactor together, but when Anton tried to sell it, Stark had him deported.

The Soviets sent Anton to the Gulag. Fury gives Stark some of his father's old material, enabling Stark to synthesize a new element for his arc reactor that ends his palladium dependency.

At a debriefing after Vanko is defeated, Fury informs Stark that because of his difficult personality, S. Fury is present when Loki attacks a S.

Fury calls in Romanoff and arranges the bringing together of Stark, Rogers, and Bruce Banner to fight the threat Loki poses.

After Loki is captured in Germany and then kills Coulson while escaping from confinement on the S.

When the World Security Council authorizes the nuclear bombing of the city to defeat the invasion, Fury uses a rocket launcher to take out one of the two jets launching for that mission, but is too late to stop the second, which fires a missile that is instead intercepted by Stark.

After Loki's defeat, Fury authorizes the use of alien technology to resurrect Coulson from death. Some time later, an attempt is made on Fury's life by Hydra , which is revealed to have taken over S.

Fury is apparently killed. D's database so that Romanoff can leak classified information, exposing Hydra to the public. Fury reveals that although Pierce had deleted Fury's retinal scan from the system, Fury had a backup scan of his destroyed other eye.

Once Hydra's plan to control the world is foiled, Fury appears to assist S. Fury responds that he values Coulson as much as any Avenger, because he represents the heart and moral center of S.

Under cover of his apparent death, Fury heads to Eastern Europe to hunt down the remaining Hydra cells.

After Tony Stark creates the program Ultron, which turns out to be villainous and forces the Avengers into hiding, Fury shows up on Clint Barton's farm to help and motivate the Avengers formulate a plan to stop Ultron from destroying humanity.

After Thanos succeeds in obtaining the Infinity Stones and snaps to destroy half of life in the universe, Fury and Maria Hill are seen discussing the Avengers' battle against Thanos ' forces in Wakanda , and Tony Stark's current status, when both begin to disintegrate.

Before fading away completely, Fury uses the modified pager previously given to him to send a distress call to Captain Marvel.

When the Avengers reassemble the Infinity Stones and undo the snap five years later, Fury is brought back, and attends the funeral of Tony Stark, who had sacrificed himself to save the universe.

Eight months later, Fury and Hill investigate an unnatural storm in Mexico, and later encounter the Earth Elemental. A super-powered man, Quentin Beck , arrives to fight the creature.

Fury later meets with Peter Parker and gives him Tony Stark's glasses, which were meant for Stark's successor. The glasses are equipped with the artificial intelligence E.

Parker rejects Fury's call to arms, opting to rejoin his class, but Fury covertly redirects the school trip's itinerary to Prague , where the Fire Elemental is projected to strike.

Ultimately, the Elementals are revealed to be illusions created by Beck, who is defeated, with Maria Hill destroying a drone sent to kill Fury during the climactic battle.

In a post-credits scene, the Skrulls Talos and Soren are revealed to have been masquerading as Fury and Hill the whole time, as directed by the real Fury, who is in command of a Skrull spaceship.

Jackson , the head of S. Fury was noted to have been "largely missing in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe", with both Jackson and fans of the franchise being "bummed that Fury was left out of Civil War and Black Panther ", though he later had a substantial role in Captain Marvel.

Jackson" in Captain Marvel was "done a surprising favor by the visual trickery. He seems different than usual — lighter and perkier".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man. Director of S. CIA agent Founder of the Avengers.

Avengers Central Intelligence Agency S. Archived from the original on August 16, Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Will.

Self - Plays 'Nck Fury'. Show all 13 episodes. Phil TV Special Self. The Bodyguard Video short Self. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh Self - Guest uncredited.

Self - Spectator uncredited. Show all 24 episodes. Self - 'Actor'. Jackson, Condoleezza Rice and Ruth Simmons Show all 7 episodes.

Reader voice. Self - Interviewee. Short Self. Self as Samuel Jackson. Documentary Self - Narrator voice.

Hollywood Jackson on Bill Russell Self - Zeus. TV Mini-Series documentary Self. TV Special Self. Video short Self. TV Short documentary Self.

Self - Audience Member. Self as Sam Jackson. Mace Windu. Show all 12 episodes. Jules Winnfield uncredited.

Self - Host. Another Night Video short DJ. John Shaft. Neville Flynn. Colonel Nick Fury. Jules Winnfield. Related Videos.

Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: [on Snakes on a Plane I stand by that movie!

Nick Fury Parents Guide. Alexander Goodwin Pierce Garry Chalk Originally Fury had to take the formula annually or the effects would be reversed, allowing his body to reach its actual chronological age. Retrieved March 26, read article Fury explains that Vanko's father and Stark invented the arc reactor together, but when Anton tried to sell it, Stark had him deported. Archived from the original on See more 7, Timothy Dugan. Isaiah Wears. Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of

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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Peter Meets Nick Fury Fury tötet den Formwandler bei einem Autounfall. Im Film steht sie S. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit piece Heil Film apologise Website. Als Fury Hill anwies, Alarm zu schlagen, sah Fury, dass sie selbst gerade verschwand, ohne dass er etwas tun konnte, um sie zu retten. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Coulson ist sich sicher, dass die Nachricht von Fury stammt, da er es war, this web page ihm die Marke gab. Concept art for Avengers Https:// Game. Während Furys Rundgang öffnet sich ein Portal und Loki erscheint. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Nicht unbedingt, denn hier kommt die Hintertür ins Spiel. Maria ist ein Schützling von Fury, der sie unter seine Fittiche genommen und ihr viel auf dem Gebiet der Spionage beigebracht hat. Die Lage ist ernst, und man macht sich schnell an die Planung. Jackson sagte weiter, dass es trotz Nick Furys umjubeltem Kurz-Cameo am Ende von "Iron Man" durchaus passieren könnte, please click for source "jemand anderes Learn more here Fury weiterspielt oder dass er bei 'Iron Man 2' sogar gar nicht mehr dabei sein könnte!

Fury and his Howling Commandos , [4] as the cigar-chomping NCO who led a racially and ethnically integrated elite unit.

The series ran issues May — Dec. Following several issues by creators Lee and Kirby, penciller Dick Ayers began his long stint on what would be his signature series; John Severin later joined as inker, forming a long-running, critically acclaimed team.

Roy Thomas succeeded Lee as writer, followed by Gary Friedrich , for whom this became a signature series as well. The page feature was initially by Lee and Kirby, with the latter supplying such inventive and enduring gadgets and hardware as the Helicarrier — an airborne aircraft carrier — as well as human-replicant LMDs Life Model Decoys , and even automobile airbags.

And I thought, just for fun, I'm going to bring Sgt. Fury back again. But it's now years later and I'm going to make him a colonel, and I'm going to make him the head of an outfit like U.

So I had to think of a name, and I love names, so I came up with the name S. In some of the creative zeniths of the Silver Age , Steranko established the feature as one of comic books' most groundbreaking and innovative.

All the while, he spun plots of intense intrigue, barely hidden sensuality, and hi-fi hipness—and supplied his own version of Bond girls , pushing what was allowable under the Comics Code at the time.

The page feature ran through Strange Tales sharing that "split book" with the occult feature " Doctor Strange " each issue , after which it was spun off into its own series, titled Nick Fury, Agent of S.

This ran 15 issues June — Nov. Steranko wrote and drew issues and 5, and drew the covers of In , Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos celebrated its th issue with a present-day reunion of the squad, sponsored by Stan Lee and the creative team behind the title.

Lee, like other comic books professionals, has made occasional cameos in his own books, in a tradition going back to the s Golden Age of Comic Books.

A six-issue miniseries , Nick Fury vs. A year after that series ended, the one-shot Fury May , using retroactive continuity , altered the events of those previous two series, recasting them as a series of staged events designed to distract Fury from the resurrection plans of HYDRA head Baron von Strucker.

The following year, writer Chaykin and penciller Corky Lehmkuhl produced the four-issue miniseries Fury of S. April—July He starred in the — Secret War miniseries.

In the Exiles series "the Unseen" will recruit characters to combat an unknown galactic threat. Jack enlists in and is stationed in France.

He shoots down Manfred von Richthofen early in his flying career, and is a highly decorated combat aviator by the end of the War in Discharged after the War, Jack returns home, marries an unnamed woman, and becomes the father of three children.

Nick, probably born in the late s or early s, is followed by Jacob "Jake" Fury later the supervillain Scorpio who co-founded the Zodiac cartel , and their sister, Dawn.

As a teenager in , he went overseas for the first time to fight with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. He was on leave in Guernica when the fascists bombed it.

After he returns to America, Fury and his friend Red Hargrove leave the neighborhood to pursue their dreams of adventure, eventually settling on a daring wing walking and parachuting act.

Their death-defying stunts while training British Commandos in catch the attention of Lieutenant Samuel "Happy Sam" Sawyer , then serving with the British Commandos, who enlists them for a special mission in the Netherlands.

Nick and Red later join the U. Red is among the many killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, with Fury swearing vengeance against both the Japanese and the Nazis.

Army Rangers , who are awarded the honorary title of Commandos by Winston Churchill after their first missions.

They are nicknamed the " Howling Commandos " and stationed at a military base in the United Kingdom to fight specialized missions, primarily but not exclusively in the European Theatre of World War II.

During this period, Fury falls in love with a British nurse, Lady Pamela Hawley, who dies in a bombing raid on London before he can propose to her.

Six months into his service, he learns the extent of Sternberg's life-saving operation: the Infinity Formula has stopped his aging, but if he does not receive annual doses, he will age rapidly and die.

The doctor begins a year period of extorting large sums of money from Fury in exchange for the injections. Fury segues into the CIA as an espionage agent, gathering information in Korea.

During this time the Howling Commandos are reformed, and Fury receives a battlefield commission to lieutenant.

He later reaches the rank of colonel. During this time, he recommends the recruitment of married agents Richard and Mary Parker , who will go on to become the parents of Fury's occasional superhero ally Spider-Man.

During his time with the CIA, Fury begins wearing his trademark eyepatch. Fury 27 Feb. Fury becomes the second commander of S.

The ultimate authority of S. Initially, his organization's primary nemesis is the international terrorist organization Hydra, created by Fury's worst enemy of World War II, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker after retconning of the original continuity.

Under Fury, S. Fury soon becomes the superhero community's main contact when government-related information is required in order to deal with a crisis.

After years at the helm, Fury discovers that S. Betrayed, Fury goes to ground, hunted by his fellow agents, many of whom are later revealed to have been replaced with Deltites.

Although Fury ultimately exposes and overcomes the Deltite threat, the conflict is so destructive to S. Fury rebuilds S. This new incarnation changed the acronym to stand for "Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate".

Sometime later, Frank Castle, the vigilante known as the Punisher , is captured and sent to a maximum-security facility with a S.

During a hypnosis session with Doc Samson , a character named Spook interrupts and has the Punisher conditioned to believe Fury is responsible for the murder of the Punisher's family.

Returned to his post as S. One year afterward, Latveria launches a counterattack that results in Fury's removal as S.

His successors as Director of S. Fury is the only "33rd-degree" S. During the time Fury spends in hiding, he learns that Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has been plotting to extract S.

Fury kills her first, after which she reverts to the form of an extraterrestrial shape-shifter from the hostile Skrull race, which has mounted an invasion of Earth.

He recruits Spider-Woman to be his mole inside both Hydra and S. Unbeknownst to him, she's replaced shortly after by Skrull Queen Veranke herself.

Fury dubs them his "Commandos". Soon after the attack on Earth, Fury and his new team are seen counter-attacking the Skrull attack in Times Square , Manhattan.

They manage to repel and kill the invaders in the area significantly, whilst saving the downed Initiative cadets and the Young Avengers.

It is revealed that Fury hired Deadpool to infiltrate Skrull ranks by pretending to defect, with the intention of obtaining biological information of the Skrulls that Fury can use to stop them.

When Deadpool attempts to transmit the data, it is intercepted by Norman Osborn. He gives them one look and teleports away with his Secret Warriors, not speaking to his former friends.

During an infiltration and elimination of a covert S. Osborn then shoots Fury in the head. On a solo mission soon after, Fury teams with Norman Osborn to interrogate a lower-level H.

The conversation and materials obtained afterwards reveal there may be an organization much like Hydra, installed in the upper levels of world governments, called "Leviathan".

This organization appears to have been founded by the Soviet government for reasons as yet unclear. Fury and the Secret Warriors are later summoned by Captain America to his hideout along with the New and Young Avengers, when Rogers, seeking to aid his long-time comrade Thor in his plight during the Siege of Asgard launched by Norman Osborn , gathered all his allies to strike back against Osborn and rescue Thor whilst simultaneously ending Osborn's Dark Reign.

Fury insists on Phobos remaining behind due to an unwillingness for him to battle his father Ares and his youth, and later opens a wormhole aboard an ex-S.

Their victory is cut short when Sentry, now fully possessed by the Void, begins attacking them. Iron Man then uses the ex-S.

Helicarrier as a bullet on the Void. Robert Reynolds regains control of his body and begs the Avengers to kill him.

Thor refuses but ends up killing him anyway when Void begins to take over again. The Avengers are reunited and the press declares that a new " Heroic Age " has begun.

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Rate This. Agent Nick Fury is asked to fight the menace of Hydra after exiling himself in the Yukon since the end of the Cold War. Director: Rod Hardy.

Writer: David S. Goyer as David Goyer. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Hulu in June. Superhero Night.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: David Hasselhoff Colonel Nick Fury Lisa Rinna Alexander Goodwin Pierce Garry Chalk Timothy Dugan Tracy Waterhouse Kate Neville Tom McBeath Gabriel Jones Bill Croft Garotte Roger Cross Shield Agent 1 as Roger R.

Cross Peter Haworth Arnim Zola Scott Heindl Werner Von Strucker Adrian G. Quartermain as Adrian Hughes Campbell Lane Baron Von Strucker Mina E.

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How much of Samuel L. Jackson's work have you seen? Which actor gives the best advice? What Roles Did Samuel L.

Jackson Turn Down? Nominated for 1 Oscar. Known For. Pulp Fiction Jules Winnfield. Snakes on a Plane Neville Flynn.

Jackie Brown Ordell Robbie. Nick Fury voice. Police Commissioner Alvarez. Captain Quinton voice. Nick Fury.

TV Series Samuel L. Jackson - Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson's Fault Ad Narrator voice, uncredited. Gin Rummy voice. Narrator voice.

Jackson - Samuel L Jackson Incredible and Pals Video short Real Frozone voice. Isaiah Wears. John Rock. Highland Garnet.

Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson. Joseph voice. John Shaft uncredited. The Mayor voice. Fred Sultan. The Steward. Walter Harper. Jenkins - Who Burned Mr.

Brinker's Store? Reggie Jenkins.

Nick Fury Neues Konzeptbild zeigt den brutalen Tod Nick Furys durch Thanos' Schergen

Jackson sich mit dieser Strategie nicht selbst Steine in den Weg - dass zuviel Https:// auch ungesund werden kann, musste unlängst Terence Howard "Iron Man" erfahren. Coulson wurde, noch vor Beginn der Serie, wieder ins Leben more info, nachdem er von Loki ermordet worden war. Inhaltsverzeichnis check this out Biographie 1. Er untersagt Coulson, ein Aquarium in das Flugzeug einzubauen. Nick Fury befand sich während der Check this out auf einem Skrull-Raumschiff, welches er auch kommandiert. Fury kam in den er Jahren zu S.

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