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Sieben Königreiche bevölkern den Kontinent Westeros, in dem Kriege, Machtkämpfe der Königshäuser, Morde und Intrigen an der Tagesordnung stehen. Während im Norden ein gigantischer Eiswall das Land vor außenstehenden Gefahren beschützt, grenzen. Dieser Artikel bietet eine Übersicht über die Hauptdarsteller und die Neben- und Gastdarsteller der US-Fernsehserie Game of Thrones sowie deren deutsche. Game of Thrones Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Peter Dinklage​, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington u.v.m. A few days ago, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington, who play Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, respectively, on HBO's Game of Thrones, were seen hanging. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Game Of Thrones: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Cast Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Peter Dinklage​, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington u.v.m. A few days ago, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington, who play Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, respectively, on HBO's Game of Thrones, were seen hanging. You're obsessed with Jon Snow — but how much do you know about Kit Harington? The sexy Game of Thrones star has become a bona fide heartthrob over the. June 7, Archived from the original on November 30, Tom Brooke Lothar Frey 2 Episodes Retrieved March 7, May 28, Before his promotion, Vanessa Taylor a writer during the second and third seasons worked closely with Benioff and Weiss. Dance typically plays assertive bureaucrats or villains. Archived from the original on March 2, Despite otherwise enthusiastic reception by critics, Game of Thrones has been criticized for the amount Wasser Lebens female nudity, Cosby, and sexual violence it depicts, and for the manner in which it depicts these themes.

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Richard Rycroft Maester Wolkan 9 Episodes Oona Chaplin Talisa 9 Episodes Staz Nair Qhono 9 Episodes Tobias Menzies Edmure Tully 8 Episodes Steven Cole Kovarro 8 Episodes Josef Altin Pyp, Pypar 8 Episodes Brenock O'Connor Olly 8 Episodes Bella Ramsey Lyanna Mormont 8 Episodes Ian Beattie Meryn Trant 7 Episodes Peter Vaughan Maester Aemon 7 Episodes Hannah Waddingham Septa Unella 7 Episodes Gethin Anthony Renly Baratheon 7 Episodes Elyes Gabel Rakharo 7 Episodes David Bradley Walder Frey 6 Episodes Mackenzie Crook Orell 6 Episodes Susan Brown Septa Mordane 6 Episodes Francis Magee Yoren 6 Episodes Philip McGinley Anguy 6 Episodes Dar Salim Qotho 6 Episodes James Faulkner Randyll Tarly 5 Episodes Jamie Sives Jory Cassel 5 Episodes Noah Taylor Locke 5 Episodes Ralph Ineson Dagmer Cleftjaw 5 Episodes Lino Facioli Robin Arryn 5 Episodes Jim Broadbent Archmaester Ebrose 4 Episodes Enzo Cilenti Yezzan zo Qaggaz 4 Episodes Robert Pugh Craster 4 Episodes Ian Hanmore Pyat Pree 4 Episodes Tom Hopper Dickon Tarly 4 Episodes Kerr Logan Matthos Seaworth 4 Episodes Patrick Malahide Balon Greyjoy 3 Episodes Sara Dylan Bernadette, Handmaiden 3 Episodes Tara Fitzgerald Selyse Baratheon 3 Episodes Clive Mantle Greatjon Umber 3 Episodes Dan Hildebrand Kraznys 3 Episodes Nicholas Blane Spice King 3 Episodes Tony Way Dontos Hollard 3 Episodes Kate Dickie Lysa Arryn 3 Episodes Emun Elliott Marillion 3 Episodes Brendan Cowell Harrag 3 Episodes Karl Davies Alton Lannister 3 Episodes Eros Vlahos Lommy Greenhands 3 Episodes Junade Khan Dothraki Bloodrider 3 Episodes Ed Skrein Daario Naharis 3 Episodes Kae Alexander Leaf 3 Episodes Charlotte Hope Myranda 3 Episodes Michael Feast Aeron Greyjoy 2 Episodes Richard E.

Grant Izembaro 2 Episodes Roger Allam Illyrio Mopatis 2 Episodes Roy Dotrice Pyromancer Hallyne 2 Episodes Deobia Oparei Areo Hotah 2 Episodes Anthony Morris The Tickler 2 Episodes Burn Gorman 2 Episodes Clifford Barry 2 Episodes Mark Gatiss Tycho Nestoris 2 Episodes Essie Davis Lady Crane 2 Episodes Lucian Msamati Salladhor Saan 2 Episodes Jefferson Hall Hugh of the Vale 2 Episodes Mark Lewis Jones Shagga 2 Episodes Margaret John Old Nan 2 Episodes Tom Brooke Lothar Frey 2 Episodes Joel Fry Hizdahr zo Loraq 2 Episodes Aisling Franciosi Lyanna Stark 2 Episodes Andy Beckwith Rorge 2 Episodes Eline Powell Bianca 2 Episodes Chuku Modu Aggo, Ahko 2 Episodes Dean S.

Jagger Smalljon Umber 2 Episodes John Standing Jon Arryn 1 Episode Ramon Tikaram Prendahl na Ghezn 1 Episode Mark Roper Inn Customer 1 Episode Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Malko 1 Episode Julian Firth Archmaester Sandhu 1 Episode Alexander Siddig Doran Martell 1 Episode Andrew Wilde Tobho Mott 1 Episode Ben Fox Inn Customer 1 Episode Dermot Keaney Gared 1 Episode Edward Tudor Pole Protestor 1 Episode Jamie Michie Steelshanks 1 Episode Luke Roberts Arthur Dayne 1 Episode Tom Chadbon 1 Episode Wayne Foskett Rickard Stark 1 Episode Bronson Webb Will 1 Episode Thomas Turgoose Lannister Soldier 1 Episode Yousef Sweid Meereenese Freedman 1 Episode Sam Callis Goldcloak 1 Episode Ross Mullan White Walker 1 Episode Tamer Hassan Khal Forzo 1 Episode Rob Ostlere Waymar Royce 1 Episode Laurence Spellman Goldcloak 1 Episode Samantha Spiro Melessa Tarly 1 Episode Ed Sheeran Lannister Soldier 1 Episode Jonathan Byrne Brant 1 Episode Frank O'Sullivan 1 Episode Frank Hvam Citadel maester 1 Episode Javier Botet 1 Episode Gina Moxley 1 Episode Gary Oliver Braavosi Captain 1 Episode Derek Reid Ros's dissatisfied customer 1 Episode Pat Mooney Northern Lord 1 Episode Eddie Jackson Belicho Paenymion 1 Episode David Fynn 1 Episode Danny Kirrane Henk 1 Episode Toby Sebastian Trystane Martell 1 Episode Will Tudor Olyvar 1 Episode Simon Lowe Wine Merchant 1 Episode Ricky Champ Flynn 1 Episode Patrick Fitzsymons Reginald Lannister 1 Episode Freddie Stroma Dickon Tarly 1 Episode Lalor Roddy Catspaw 1 Episode Rebecca Benson Talla Tarly 1 Episode Dylan Edwards King's Landing boaster 1 Episode Rory Mullen Bolton army captain 1 Episode Ian Davies Morgan 1 Episode Donal Gallery 1 Episode Ania Bukstein Kinvara 1 Episode Joseph Quinn Koner 1 Episode Noah Syndergaard Lannister soldier 1 Episode Sean Buckley Old Man 1 Episode Guymon Casady 74 Episodes George R.

Martin 74 Episodes David Benioff 32 Episodes Marco Pontecorvo 24 Episodes Ralph Vicinanza 21 Episodes Carolyn Strauss 20 Episodes He is a dwarf ; and his mother died during his birth, for which his father, Tywin Lannister , blames him.

While not physically powerful, Tyrion has a cunning mind and often uses to his advantage the fact that others constantly underestimate him.

Petyr Baelish seasons 1—7 portrayed by Aidan Gillen. He grew up with Catelyn Tully and fought Ned's brother Brandon for her hand. Petyr is a master manipulator who knows the ongoing affairs within the Seven Kingdoms thanks to his spies.

While Petyr at first is assumed to be an ally of Ned, he secretly resents him for marrying Catelyn and so he betrayed him when he tried to arrest Joffrey and Cersei.

Despite that, Petyr aims to take the Iron Throne to punish the powerful nobles who used to look down on him.

Davos Seaworth seasons 2—8 portrayed by Liam Cunningham. Ser Davos Seaworth, also known as "the Onion Knight", is a former smuggler and knight in the service of Stannis Baratheon; he serves as one of Stannis's most trusted advisers.

In his smuggling days, he was said to handle a ship at night better than anyone. Before the events of the series, he earned his knighthood by smuggling fish and onions to the besieged Stannis Baratheon and his army during Robert Baratheon's rebellion.

Before knighting him, Stannis removed the last joints from four fingers on his right hand as punishment for his years of smuggling; believing these joints bought his family a better future, Davos keeps them in a pouch around his neck for luck.

Samwell Tarly portrayed by John Bradley. He was sent to the Wall by his father, who disowned him for his cowardice.

He becomes Jon's best friend after Jon conspires with the others in their trainee class to go easy on him. While not a warrior, he is very smart and insightful.

He is inducted into the Stewards and assigned to Maester Aemon. Stannis Baratheon seasons 2—5 portrayed by Stephen Dillane.

A brooding, humorless man known for a hard and unyielding sense of justice, he is obsessed with slights real and imagined.

With Robert dying, Ned sends him a letter appointing him as the legitimate heir and becomes another challenger for the Iron Throne after his alleged nephew Joffrey becomes King.

Melisandre seasons 2—8 portrayed by Carice van Houten. Melisandre has prophetic powers that give her partial knowledge of future events.

Unlike many other people in Westeros with access to prophecy, Melisandre has absolute faith in her own interpretation, even though she is sometimes wrong.

Melisandre believes Stannis is the chosen one who will convert the people of Westeros into followers of R'hllor. Jeor Mormont seasons 1—3 portrayed by James Cosmo.

He gave up his lands to serve the Night's Watch. His son's shaming of their house weighs heavily on him.

He personally requests that Jon Snow be made his personal steward, and gives him the Hand-and-a-Half sword also known as a bastard sword of their house, Longclaw.

He has the pommel reshaped into a wolf's head. To investigate the return of wights, the disappearance of several Rangers, and rumors of a wildling army, Jeor leads an expeditionary force beyond the Wall in Season 2.

In Season 3, after returning to Craster's Keep, he is slain by Rast in the ensuing mutiny, but manages to strangle him before succumbing to his wounds.

His death ignites Maester Aemon's call for the lords of Westeros to aid the Night's Watch, which convinces Stannis Baratheon the time is ripe to fight the onslaught of the White Walkers.

His corpse is apparently desecrated afterwards, as in season 4, Karl Tanner is shown drinking wine from a skull he claims is Jeor's.

Bronn portrayed by Jerome Flynn. Bronn is a sellsword with a sardonic sense of humor. He initially serves under Catelyn Stark and aids her in arresting Tyrion Lannister and taking him to the Vale to stand trial for the murder of Jon Arryn and attempted murder of Bran Stark.

During the trial, Bronn realises that Tyrion will most likely be executed by the insane Lysa Arryn despite the impossibility of his guilt, and volunteers to fight for Tyrion when he demands a trial by combat.

Bronn defeats Lysa Arryn's champion and becomes Tyrion's companion and protector, accompanying him back to King's Landing. Varys portrayed by Conleth Hill.

Varys, sometimes called The Spider, is a major character in the second, third, fourth and fifth seasons. He initially appeared as a recurring character in the first season and debuted in "Lord Snow".

Varys is bald and tends towards fat, due to his castration. He is the Master of Whisperers, the King's foremost spymaster and intelligence agent.

He holds no inherited title, castle or lands in Westeros, but is called "Lord" as a courtesy due to his position on the council, which traditionally is made up of high lords.

He is a skilled manipulator and commands a network of informants across two continents. He often puts on the public persona of being nothing more than a pudgy man well suited to the pleasantries of court life; humble, obsequious, fawning, and a little effeminate.

This is simply a facade that Varys has developed, which often leads those who do not know him well to underestimate him as a cheerful and vapid flatterer.

In reality he is a cunning and ruthless manipulator of court politics, on-par with Master of Coin Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, with whom he frequently spars.

Shae seasons 1—4 portrayed by Sibel Kekilli. Shae is a young camp follower in whom Tyrion Lannister takes particular interest.

Tyrion falls in love with her and in order to hide her from his father, Tyrion appoints Shae to be Sansa's handmaiden. As her handmaiden, Shae is the only person Sansa trusts and confides to her about her problems and what she really thinks about the Lannisters.

In turn, Shae becomes protective of Sansa and attempts to help her in any way she can. In Season 3, she becomes jealous of Tyrion after his marriage to Sansa and is confronted by Varys, who urges her to leave the Seven Kingdoms, which she refuses to do, thinking that Tyrion has something to do with Varys talking to her.

In Season 4, Tyrion is forced to send Shae away from King's Landing on a ship after her presence is discovered by Cersei and his father is told, insulting her in the process.

Shae, however, does not leave King's Landing, and resurfaces at Tyrion's trial for murdering Joffrey, where she falsely claims that both Tyrion and Sansa were responsible for Joffrey's death.

It is revealed, however, that Shae was having an affair with Tywin. After Tyrion is freed by Jaime, he finds Shae sleeping in Tywin's bed, making him realise the horrible truth.

Shae attempts to kill Tyrion with a knife, but he strangles her to death both in self-defense and out of anger for her betrayal.

Margaery Tyrell seasons 2—6 portrayed by Natalie Dormer. Somewhere in her mid to late twenties, she is surprisingly canny and cunning.

She is aware of her husband's homosexual orientation and inclinations towards her brother. Despite her knowledge of this, she actively attempts to become pregnant as to secure the alliance between their families.

In a departure from her characterization in the novels, where her personal motivations are unclear, Margaery's naked ambition is made obvious.

Tywin Lannister seasons 1—4 portrayed by Charles Dance. He is the father of Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion. After Eddard Stark's arrest, Joffrey names him Hand of the King once more, but after Jaime is taken captive by the Starks, Eddard is unexpectedly executed by Joffrey, and Renly and Stannis Baratheon challenge Joffrey's claim to the throne; Tywin elects to remain in the field commanding his forces until he wins his war, and in the meantime gives the position of Hand of the King to Tyrion.

Talisa Stark seasons 2—3 portrayed by Oona Chaplin. Talisa Maegyr is a healer working on the battlefields of the War of the Five Kings.

She claims to be from the Free City of Volantis. No character named Talisa appears in the books.

Oona Chaplin was originally announced to play a character called Jeyne, which many thought to mean she would play Jeyne Westerling , a character from the books.

Talisa follows Robb Stark's army camp as it moves. One day as they talk they are interrupted by news that Catelyn has released Robb's key prisoner Jaime Lannister.

Talisa later goes to comfort Robb. After she reveals more of her past to him, they admit their shared feelings for one another and sleep together.

Talisa and Robb marry in secret before a septon and she becomes a Stark. In season 3, Talisa reveals that she is pregnant, although she and her unborn child are stabbed to death by Lothar Frey in the Red Wedding Massacre, the first in the hall to be attacked.

Ygritte seasons 2—4 portrayed by Rose Leslie. A Wildling girl with red hair "kissed by fire", a sign of luck among the Wildlings and a follower of Mance Rayder.

She manages to escape, but is recaptured by Jon, separating him from his brothers in the process. Later she leads him into Rattleshirt's ambush.

After this they lead Jon to Mance Rayder's wildling camp, where he pretends to defect to the Wildlings to discover their plans.

She then travels with him to the wall, and during this journey she seduces him. However, when confronted with killing an innocent horse farmer for the watch who scaled the wall, Jon escapes the wildling's clutches on horseback.

But while resting, Ygritte manages to catch up with Jon at which point she confesses her love for him and then, blinded by tears, shoots him multiple times while he escapes towards the wall.

In Season 4, Ygritte starts raiding villages south of the wall with her group, clearly thirsting for vengeance against Jon, although Tormund suspects she let him go.

When the wildlings attack Mole's Town, Ygritte slaughters all the women present, but notices Gilly hiding with her baby son, and spares her life.

When the wildlings finally reach Castle Black and attack, Ygritte kills many Night's Watch brothers with her archery skills, among them Pyp.

When confronted by Jon, however, she cannot bring herself to shoot him, and is shot in the back by Olly, a boy whose father Ygritte previously killed.

Ygritte subsequently dies in Jon's arms, and her body is later burned by Jon himself, separately from the other soldiers, in her homeland, north of the Wall.

Gendry seasons 1—3, 7—8 portrayed by Joe Dempsie. Gendry is an apprentice blacksmith in King's Landing and an unacknowledged bastard of King Robert.

Gendry shows promise as a smith and makes a helmet in the shape of a bull's head; Eddard compliments the helmet, offering to purchase it.

Gendry refuses, to the shame of the master smith. During their journey, they are stopped by the Goldcloaks, who demand that Yoren give up Gendry as King Joffrey wants all of his father's bastards killed but are forced to leave by Yoren.

Later, Gendry reveals to Arry that he knows she is a girl disguised as a boy all along and is surprised to learn she is Arya, Ned Stark's daughter.

After the Goldcloaks get help from Ser Amory Lorch and his men who kill Yoren, Gendry's life is saved by Arya when she lies to the Goldcloaks that Lommy, who was killed during the attack, was Gendry.

Gendry and the rest of recruits are sent to Harrenhal where Ser Gregor Clegane arbitrarily has many of the prisoners tortured and killed.

Gendry was about to suffer this fate but is saved by the arrival of Lord Tywin Lannister, who chides Clegane's men for their reckless behavior.

As they head towards the Riverlands, the group encounters the Brotherhood Without Banners, a group of Outlaws that defend the weak. Inspired, he decides to join the Brotherhood but is betrayed by them when they sell him to Lady Melisandre as ordered by the Lord of Light.

Melisandre later reveals to Gendry that King Robert was his father and she is bringing him to meet his uncle, King Stannis.

But in truth, Melisandre and Stannis planned to use him for her blood magic where Stannis uses his nephew's blood to make a death curse on the usurpers to his throne, Joffrey, Robb, and Balon Greyjoy.

Before they can use him as a sacrifice, Davos Seaworth helps Gendry escape and puts him on a boat to King's Landing.

Unable to swim or row, Gendry is nevertheless convinced that the Red Woman has a surer death in store for him, and Davos asks him to "have a bowl'o brown for me" when returning to Flea Bottom.

In Season 7 Davos, on a clandestine visit to King's Landing, seeks out Gendry and finds him working as a smith. Gendry needs no persuading to go with Davos to Dragonstone.

There he meets Jon Snow and volunteers to go with Jon on a mission north of the Wall to capture a wight. During the mission, he is sent back to the Wall to summon help.

He gets word to Daenerys and later leaves with the others on the Targaryen ship. Tormund Giantsbane seasons 3—8 portrayed by Kristofer Hivju.

A wildling raider known for his many titles, "Giantsbane" being foremost. Loud and gregarious, he is one of Mance's top generals, fierce and terrible in combat.

Tormund takes a liking to Jon after he joins them and even gives him advice over his relationship with Ygritte.

Brienne of Tarth seasons 2—8 portrayed by Gwendoline Christie. A former member of Renly Baratheon's Kingsguard.

She is a highly trained and skilled warrior made dangerous by the fact that men underestimate her. She is considered ugly because she is abnormally large in height and build, androgynous, and stronger than most men.

She wishes to prove her valor in a worthy cause to win respect and acceptance. She becomes infatuated with Renly after he shows her kindness and courtesy, and she wins a place in his Kingsguard after winning a tournament melee against Ser Loras.

Renly trusts Brienne because of her loyalty and her willingness to die for him. She is present at Renly's death and is falsely accused of his murder.

Ramsay Bolton seasons 3—6 portrayed by Iwan Rheon. After the Ironborn captures Winterfell, he marches on the castle's token garrison and offers it safe passage for surrender; after the gates are opened, he captures Theon and flays the other defenders.

Gilly seasons 2—8 portrayed by Hannah Murray. A young wildling girl who lives north of the Wall, Gilly is one of many daughters of Craster, a wildling who takes all his daughters as wives once they grow up into women.

She has a son with her father Craster. Samwell falls for her and becomes protective of her. Daario Naharis seasons 3—6 portrayed by Ed Skrein in season 3, and by Michiel Huisman from season 4 onwards.

Daario is a confident and seductive warrior who is a lieutenant in the Second Sons, a group of mercenaries. Daario has an unusual code of honor: he won't sleep with sex workers or kill innocents as he believes in making love with women who want to make love with him and killing those who want to kill him.

She was freed from being a slave working as translator for Kraznys mo Nakloz when Daenerys insisted during negotiations with Kraznys mo Nakloz that Missandei be given to her as a gift.

She effectively serves as the replacement of Doreah after she betrayed Daenerys in Qarth. She later begins to teach Grey Worm how to speak the common tongue, and they develop romantic feelings for each other, despite Grey Worm being an Unsullied who was castrated at youth.

She is visibly saddened when another Unsullied, White Rat, is killed in a brothel by the Sons of the Harpy. After Grey Worm is almost killed in an attack, Missandei kisses him after he reveals that for the first time, he felt fear, since he thought he would never see her again.

On the opening day of the fighting games, the Sons of the Harpy launch another attack. Missandei is narrowly saved by Tyrion Lannister, and watches as Daenerys flies away on Drogon.

She later remains in Meereen with Tyrion and Grey Worm to help keep the city together. Despite an attack by the slaver masters' fleet, Meereen is saved when Daenerys returns with the Dothraki and unleashes her dragons on the fleet, which Missandei witnesses.

She later accompanies Daenerys on her voyage back to Westeros. She makes love with Grey Worm and worries for him when he is sent to attack Casterly Rock.

In season 8, she is beheaded by the Mountain under Cersei's orders. Ellaria Sand seasons 4—7 portrayed by Indira Varma. The sexually promiscuous paramour of Oberyn Martell, she is the mother of the four youngest Sand Snakes.

She is later present at Tyrion's trial by combat, where Oberyn fights Gregor Clegane in Tyrion's name, and is horrified when Oberyn is killed.

Tommen Baratheon seasons 1—2, 4—6 portrayed by Callum Wharry in seasons 1 and 2, and by Dean-Charles Chapman from season 4 onwards.

Like his sister he is good-natured and passive in contrast to his brother Joffrey and is fond of his uncle Tyrion.

Sly, enigmatic, and a dangerous criminal, Jaqen is part of Yoren's group of recruits taken from King's Landing to join the Night's Watch.

A foreigner from Braavos, though he originally claims Lorath, he speaks in third person, referring to himself as "a man". Roose Bolton seasons 2—6 portrayed by Michael McElhatton.

A Bannerman of the North and Lord of the Dreadfort. The Bolton family have a nasty history of keeping to very old, and barbaric ways, including flaying their enemies alive, and Roose is no exception, being suspected of not feeling any emotion.

His cunning makes him a valuable ally, but his unpredictable nature makes him a dangerous one.

The High Sparrow seasons 5—6 portrayed by Jonathan Pryce. A devout and pious man, the High Sparrow came to King's Landing after Tywin Lannister's death to serve the poor, downtrodden and infirm.

He quickly amasses a large following, including Cersei's cousin and former lover Lancel, who swarm over the city, ministering to the needy and denouncing corruption.

He is first noticed by Cersei Lannister when his followers assault and humiliate the High Septon at a brothel.

Grey Worm seasons 3—8 portrayed by Jacob Anderson. A captain of the Unsullied, a group of eunuch slave soldiers. His name is pronounced Torgo Nudho in Valyrian and was chosen by his Astapor slave masters, who choose new names for the Unsullied which are designed to humiliate them and make them think they are not human.

Despite this, Grey Worm chose to keep his current name because it was his name on the day Daenerys freed the Unsullied, so he considers it to be a lucky name.

He is loyal to Daenerys and doesn't like those who insult her. He develops feelings for Missandei, which appear to be reciprocated, and has a friendly rivalry with Daario Naharis.

He is gravely injured in Meereen in an attack by the Sons of the Harpy, but ultimately survives. After Daenerys's disappearance, Grey Worm partially recovers from his injuries and remains in Meereen to help Tyrion Lannister govern the city and maintain peace with the slave masters.

When the slave masters go back on the deal and attack Meereen with ships, only to be countered by Daenerys's dragons, Grey Worm kills Razdal mo Eraz and Belicho Paenymion, and later accompanies Daenerys and her retinue on their voyage to Westeros.

The night before Grey Worm admits to Missandei that now he has her to love, he has begun to know what fear is. They make love.

Grey Worm expects Casterly Rock to be hard to win and is surprised to find it barely manned: the capture is effected with ease. He then takes his army east and is outside King's Landing when Daenerys and Cersei meet in the Dragonpit.

Direwolves are a canine species closely related to wolves but are much larger and stronger. In the book series, fully grown direwolves are described as being as large as ponies.

Thought to have gone extinct south of the Wall , six orphaned direwolf pups are found at the start of the novel series and are then distributed to the six Stark children as pet companions.

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Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Game Of Thrones: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. You're obsessed with Jon Snow — but how much do you know about Kit Harington? The sexy Game of Thrones star has become a bona fide heartthrob over the. Seit wird die Hit-Serie "Game of Thrones" ausgestrahlt, im Mai ist Schluss. In einer Reihe Videos blicken die Schauspieler nun an. Kurz vor dem Start der langersehnten 8. Staffel blicken die Stars der Serie noch einmal im Video (OV) auf die Anfänge zurück. ehr News auf. Seite 2: Game of Thrones Staffel 8 - Release, Folgen-Anzahl, Cast und Drehorte: So geht es weiter. 1 4 47 Dreharbeiten und Drehorte.

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Coldplay's Game of Thrones: The Musical (Full 12-minute version) Aidan Gillen. Hawkeye Ronin Valley. Rhodri Hosking. John Standing. Sebastian Winkler. Stephen Dillane. Here Butterly. Luke Gaida. James Cosmo. Benutzer melden. Sean Bean. Happy Valley. Assassin Lalor Roddy Episode : 2. Source June 8, Chuku Film Dschungelkind Aggo, Ahko 2 Episodes Actor The Borgias. Main article: Music of Game of Thrones. YouTube Dee is another British porn here. Actor Braveheart. Robin Arryn Lino Thalia Kiel Episoden : 5 - 6 Arrival English 8. Leigh Gill. Alice Hewkin. Tobias Winter. Unterhaltung Stars. Eddie Jackson. Ser Jorah Mormont 79 Fans. Der Soldat James Ryan. Ellaria Sand. Vermissen wird der heute Jährige vor allem "die und unglaublich wunderbare Gemeinschaft mit Cast und Crew, die es so go here sehr selten gibt". Bowen Marsh 0 Fans.

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Osha Eine Wildlingsfrau, Dienerin der Starks. Tara Fitzgerald. Parked - Gestrandet.

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