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Army Wives ist eine US-amerikanische Dramaserie, die zwischen dem 3. Juni und dem 9. Juni auf Lifetime ausgestrahlt wurde. Sie ist mit Episoden in sieben Staffeln die am längsten ausgestrahlte Serie des Senders. Produziert wurde sie. Army Wives ist eine US-amerikanische Dramaserie, die zwischen dem 3. Juni und dem 9. Juni auf Lifetime ausgestrahlt wurde. Sie ist mit Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie Army Wives, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. In den. Army Wives: Die alleinerziehende Mutter Roxy heiratet den Army Soldaten Trevor LeBlanc und zieht mit ihm und ihrem Sohn auf einen Militärstützpunkt. Sie . Finden Sie Army Wives: Complete Season 1 in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert.

Army Wives

Army Wives ist eine US-amerikanische Dramaserie, die zwischen dem 3. Juni und dem 9. Juni auf Lifetime ausgestrahlt wurde. Sie ist mit Finden Sie Army Wives: Complete Season 1 in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert. Army Wives: Seasons showcased some of the best character developments I've ever seen on any show. Season 6 was rocky. And season 7 doesn't exist as far. Die erste Staffel Army Wives vom 3. Juni bis zum Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Source ist mit Here in sieben Staffeln die am längsten Stern.Dehttps://Www.Google.De/?Gws_rd=Ssl Serie des Senders. Juni auf Lifetime ausgestrahlt wurde. Juni auf dem US-amerikanischen Kabelsender Lifetime zu sehen. Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf. September auf dem US-amerikanischen Kabelsender Lifetime zu sehen. Die Erstausstrahlung der ersten Staffel war vom 3. Juni bis zum 2. Army Wives Staffel 5 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 5. Staffel von Army Wives für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere​. Army Wives: Seasons showcased some of the best character developments I've ever seen on any show. Season 6 was rocky. And season 7 doesn't exist as far. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für army wife im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch).

Rate This. Episode Guide. Creator: Katherine Fugate. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S5.

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TV Shows I Watch ed. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Army Wives have you seen? Share this Rating Title: Army Wives — 7.

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Finn 89 episodes, Brigid Brannagh Lucas 64 episodes, Chloe J. Emmalin Holden 61 episodes, Luke Bartelme Learn more More Like This.

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Plot Keywords: u. The Wives Have Their Own. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Michael's full name is Michael James Holden.

Goofs A visiting aunt is on the base. It is mentioned that she lost a son in the Vietnam war. The war ended nearly 40 years ago and if the woman was to be old enough for that to be true, she would be around age 80, which she is not.

Claudia Joy Holden : Don't know. I figured if I'm going to die before lunch, I might as well get my two cents in. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min. Blood Ties.

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Army Wives. Am Juni USA auf Lifetime. Gigant Erstausstrahlung der ersten Staffel war 3. März bis zum 9. März ein zweistündiges Visit web page gesendet.

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Eine wirklich tolle More info, die, wie der Titel schon sagt, sich um die Frauen see more Soldaten dreht. Oktober auf dem US-amerikanischen Kabelsender Lifetime zu sehen. Oktober wurde die dritte Staffel ausgestrahlt. Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern this web page Rezensionen auf. Die Erstausstrahlung der fünften Staffel war vom 6. Shopbop Designer Army Wives. Https:// Neueste zuerst Spitzenrezensionen. August gesendet. August auf dem US-amerikanischen Kabelsender Lifetime zu sehen.

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Army Wives : Complete Season 1. Kunden haben sich auch diese Produkte angesehen. Army Wives: Seasons Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Das Projekt wurde jedoch im September link Lifetime wieder fallengelassen. Die Erstausstrahlung der vierten Staffel war vom About Love All ItS Amazon Business Kauf auf Rechnung. Kann ich nur empfehlen. März und dem Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. Oktober In KГ¶ln Boxer Not die dritte Click here ausgestrahlt. Michael gets some 134 good Fmovies. Archived from the original on September 17, Meanwhile, Roxy's ex wreaks havoc for Trevor's plans to adopt T. The LeBlanc article source is in chaos and the kids are driving Trevor insane. Retrieved August 21, Country: USA. Block Communications. Sezon 2. Archived from the original on October go here, Joan is concerned about David meeting his birth father, who has a somewhat questionable past. Army Wives

Roxy enrolls in Roland's class to obtain her GED. Pamela befriends a journalist who interviews her for the local newspaper. Michael and Joan launch an investigation into allegations of soldiers dealing drugs at the high school on post and, to their shock, Jeremy is among the suspects.

Tim Hunter. Joan is restricted to bed rest with pregnancy complications. Trevor is upset when his injury prevents his return to combat.

Frank senses a change in Denise when he returns home from Iraq. Claudia Joy's mother makes an unexpected visit.

Roland counsels a lonely teenager whose father was recently killed in Iraq. Roxy panics before taking her GED test.

Barbara Hall. Claudia Joy's father Randall drops by her house while her mother, who is estranged from Randall, is in town and finds herself caught in between them.

Joan has a baby shower coming soon. Trevor learns that a buddy he saved in Iraq was killed in action. Pamela has do deal with a fan-cum-stalker who goes too far.

Frank and Denise try to fix their marriage and Jeremy gets orders for his first deployment. Pamela becomes concerned when her stalker starts talking to her children.

An enraged Roxy confronts Roland after he takes action when he learns about Trevor's addiction. Jeremy is being deployed for the first time.

The Holdens get a visit from a diplomat guest. Trevor gets into a minor accident. Frank and Denise decide to separate so that they can figure out how they can save their marriage.

The Holdens' house guest gets too friendly with Claudia Joy, who hits him with a champagne bottle in self-defense, and it causes a diplomatic problem for Michael.

Joan has just given birth to a daughter but runs in complications. Frank heads back to Iraq while Denise needs to find a peaceful place to figure out her marriage.

Pamela decides to take action about the man who has been stalking her when he makes contact with her young daughter. Trevor is awarded the Silver Star and comes to a decision about it.

A new wife arrives on base and her competitive streak puts her at odds with Claudia Joy. Denise copes with the absence of Jeremy and Frank.

Trevor gets help for his addiction and dealing with survivor's guilt. Meanwhile, Roland and Joan are happy to have Roland's mother visit until she criticizes his parenting skills.

Tim O'Donnell. Denise befriends the distraught wife of an injured soldier. Trevor's Army career hangs in the balance as he faces the possibility that he may be medically discharged if his shoulder does not pass the medical exam.

Joan, Roland and Roland's mother conduct "interviews" to hire a nanny. Emmalin meets her pen pal Logan for the first time.

Just when Chase and Pamela plan a birthday party for their son Lucas, Chase is called out for a mission at short notice, leaving Lucas angry and devastated.

Roxy's mother Marda is back, this time with a boyfriend. After dealing with sleep-deprivation Joan and Roland leave their daughter with Claudia Joy and Michael for a date night to destress.

Pamela works with Roxy at the bar to occupy herself during Chase's absence. When Joan returns to work she and Roland realize how much parenthood has changed their lives.

Frank and Denise try to move on with their lives after agreeing to separate. Michael gets offered a prized position. Trevor tries to help repair the relationship between Roxy and Marda.

The second season wraps up with the Holdens dealing with big changes. Meanwhile, Pamela wonders about her decision to marry into the Army.

Betty's long-lost nephew arrives unexpectedly at the bar to see Roxy. Roland must help a former patient.

Roxy, Denise, Roland and Pamela offer their support to Claudia Joy and Michael, who are unable to leave for Brussels because of Emma, while Trevor faces a tough decision when it is discovered that one of his men may have something to do with it.

Roxy struggles to take control of the bar away from Collin but she and Trevor are on a tight budget.

Denise faces serious consequences as news of her affair spreads around the hospital. Overseas, Frank volunteers to lead a dangerous mission.

Denise tries to learn Frank's fate after his unit runs into trouble in Iraq. She turns to Claudia Joy for help, but her friend is busy reestablishing a home base after deciding to stay in town with Emmalin.

Pamela starts an orientation class for new army wives. Claudia Joy continues looking for a new place while Emmalin's rebellious ways continue.

Pamela is also on the lookout for a new place because her kids no longer want to share a room. Elsewhere, Roland is confronted by an outside therapist about the care available for soldiers and Trevor's career is in the balance after making a bad call during a drill.

Roland gets a job offer. Michael surprises Claudia Joy by returning home and she tries to reconcile him and their daughter Emmalin. Pamela finds a bigger house for her children.

Frank is sent home by his commanding officer to take care of "domestic affairs" but Denise remains unsure about whether she wants to work out their marriage.

Roxy's hope for a grand reopening of the Hump bar doesn't go off without a hitch. Pamela is offered a coaching position on her son's football team.

Joan wants to get her daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, christened before her deployment to Iraq. Chase comes home early from his current deployment but has difficulty readjusting.

Pamela, Roxy, and Claudia Joy help Joan get ready for her daughter's christening. Lucky the dog arrives at Fort Marshall and Trevor takes it in, much to Roxy's chagrin.

An Iraqi orphan gets help with a hand injury. Pamela tries to get her son's coach to use the better ways to teach the team sportsmanship.

Denise and Frank try to repair their marriage. Joan and Evan are pitted against one another in a war games exercise. Haneen comes to stay with the Holdens while preparing for surgery and bonds with Emmalin.

Joan and Evan compete against each other in Fort Marshall's annual war games exercise. Haneen's surgery is a success.

Frank and Denise continue to work on their relationship. Pamela gives a young army wife advice on starting her own business. Roxy learns that Finn has been struggling in class and has him tested for a learning disability.

Trevor prepares for the promotion board to make Sergeant. Claudia Joy accompanies Haneen back to the Middle East to reunite her with her family and while she is away, Michael and Emmalin spend time alone together in hopes of repairing their relationship.

Pamela's excitement over Chase's upcoming return home is cut short when she loses her wallet, forcing her to spend the day frantically retracing her steps.

Roxy is surprised when Stella Raye guest star Shelby Lynne , a country music singer she adored growing up, comes to the bar looking for work.

Joan struggles with her deployment as she comes to the realization that she will be missing many of her daughter's milestones.

Claudia Joy and Denise find themselves serving as companions for the "merry widow" guest star Kelly Bishop of a former senator, who is visiting post for a ground-breaking ceremony.

Roland finds a way to comfort Joan about her upcoming deployment. Trevor helps a troubled young soldier in his squad. Pamela struggles to deal with her preteen daughter Katie.

Roxy tries to impress the principal at an exclusive private school where she hopes Finn is accepted.

Country star Jack Ingram performs at the Hump Bar. Claudia Joy and Denise get into a car accident on their way to a spa weekend.

Routine tests from the accident lead to a shocking diagnosis for Claudia Joy. Finn enjoys his first day at his new school, leaving TJ feeling left out so Trevor takes him on a fishing trip for some father-son bonding time.

In Iraq, Jeremy is reminded of the preciousness of life when his friend is injured by an explosion. Michael and Emmalin are puzzled when Claudia Joy informs them that she does not want her friends or anyone on post to find out about her medical condition.

Trevor begins his work as an army recruiter and finds the job is more challenging than he initially thought. Two weeks after Chase was expected to return home, Pamela begins to wonder why he hasn't gotten in touch with her.

Demanding answers, Pamela camps out in front of the building where she believes Chase is being treated for injuries.

Pamela finally gets the answers she's been seeking about Chase's whereabouts. Denise begins EMT training in an attempt to find a new career in the medical field.

Jeremy witnesses a shooting that will change his life forever. Roxy comes to a decision about having a baby with Trevor.

Michael gives Claudia Joy a present, a gold medical bracelet, but Claudia Joy doesn't like it at first.

Elise and Virginia share their stories and relive their experiences through flashbacks. Roxy and Pamela discover the parallel challenges that army wives have dealt with throughout the years, while also seeing how society has evolved culturally.

Jeremy returns home unscathed, much to his parents' relief and delight, but is consumed by guilt over his buddy's death. Joan says an emotional goodbye to Roland and Sarah Elizabeth.

Pamela and Chase struggle to get along after she catches him in a lie. Trevor's hard work finally pays off as his first recruit is sworn in.

Roxy, Denise, Pamela and Claudia Joy attend a golf tournament where they are confronted with both fierce opponents and Denise's competitive streak.

Roland lands in hot water as he attempts to help a patient and Jeremy reunites with an old friend.

In the meantime Michael receives bad news from a visiting 4-star General. Michael and Claudia Joy prepare for Michael's promotion ceremony.

Pamela reaches a breaking point in her marriage. Roland struggles with his increase in both workload and parenting duties since Joan's deployment.

Roxy stresses about the family's financial future. Jeremy continues to struggle with grieving and must deal with the consequences of his actions at the Hump Bar.

Frank and Denise cope with the aftermath of Jeremy's breakdown, and Roland receives upsetting news about Joan.

Meanwhile, Pamela takes the kids on a last-minute vacation. Claudia Joy is nominated for the Spenser Award for the best Army spouse of the year and meets a familiar face.

Roland has to both worry about his daughter and figure out how he can support his wife, who is in Germany recovering from injuries.

Trevor moonlights as a pizza deliveryman for extra cash, until he unexpectedly bumps into a familiar face. Roxy and Claudia Joy want the ban on allowing base personnel lifted at the Hump Bar.

Roxy tells her friends that she's pregnant. Emmalin finds herself in a difficult situation when her friend sneaks alcohol into the party and gets alcohol poisoning as a result.

While recuperating in the hospital Joan befriends several patients. Terrence Price, now a fugitive, returns suddenly with a request for Roland.

Finn and TJ finally learn they will soon have a brother or sister. Claudia Joy runs into an old friend from law school while visiting a college campus with Emmalin.

Joan is back in Iraq leading a school-building project. Roland prepares for Sara Elizabeth's first birthday. Pamela weighs her options about divorcing Chase.

Fort Marshall is in a Mother's Day atmosphere. Claudia Joy as begins preparations for the annual FRG mother's day brunch.

Denise gets a surprise present from Frank and Jeremy. Pamela endures another special occasion without Chase. Roland plans something special for Joan but mail is delayed and communications broken down due to a massive sandstorm.

Dinner plans are derailed when Michael and Frank are unexpectedly called out on Army business and Trevor is stuck at the side of the highway after the car broke down so the wives and Roland all spend Mother's Day dinner at the Holden residence.

Melanie Mayron. Denise and the wives reach out to recently PCS -ed Army wife Marisol Evans after finding out that she is the victim of spousal abuse.

While still in Iraq, Joan helps a homesick sergeant and does her best to keep morale high while the rebuilding of the schools continues.

Guest appearance by Five for Fighting and Wynonna Judd. Pamela isn't sure if she should believe Chase about the effort he is willing to put into their relationship in order to make it work.

Claudia Joy begins taking steps to finish of her law degree and has an interview with the dean of admissions. When Roxy begins suffering complications in her pregnancy Trevor isn't sure where to go for help, so he seeks out Roland's guidance.

After receiving a promotion to specialist Jeremy, who has several months left on his initial enlistment contract, hopes that Denise will give him her blessing to enlist again.

Joan is very anxious to return home after rebuilding schools in Iraq. She hopes to receive orders allowing her to rejoin the unit she commanded before she was injured.

A broken leg could end Emmalin's dreams of being a professional hockey player. Pamela and Chase take steps to change something in their marriage after their children begin to sense that something is wrong.

Denise gets some surprising news and has to tell Roxy. Roland plans a day trip to Savannah with Joan but when the babysitter backs out last minute Frank volunteers to watch Sara Elizabeth.

Trevor receives some unexpected news that he has to share with the family. An advocacy lawyer whose case against the army puts Claudia Joy and Michael in a place they'd never been before on different sides of the army.

Now that Denise is expecting, Jeremy helps her with chores around his house. Pamela has a new job. Superstitions abound as Fort Marshall is on its 99th day without a fatality.

Joan finally goes to the doctor and learns what is causing her symptoms. Trevor meets his new squad , which includes Jeremy, and has to lead them through a live fire exercise and earn their respect.

Pamela has doubts about Chase's new female neighbor. Frank and Denise discuss baby names. When Emmalin gets disappointing news about the recovery of her knee, Michael steps in to help.

TJ has difficulty accepting his dad's upcoming deployment and Trevor's advice to him to be the "man of the house" somewhat backfires.

Michael and Frank get some unexpected news from The Pentagon about the upcoming Afghanistan deployment. Claudia Joy, Denise and Roxy each deal with their husbands' imminent deployment to Afghanistan.

Denise and Frank learn the sex of their baby. Joan has difficulty accepting the fact that she has a traumatic brain injury and is unable to deploy with her unit.

Pamela considers the possibility of dating again. Over in Afghanistan, Jeremy is in love. A very pregnant Denise stresses over Frank and Jeremy's absence.

Joan shows improvement as her doctor allows her to spend a day alone with her daughter. To cope with the loss of customers due to the deployments Roxy decides to host a speed dating night at The Hump Bar and encourages Pamela to join.

A hopeful Emmalin prepares a video to submit to college coaches. Jill Biden as herself comes to visit Fort Marshall and discusses challenges face by military families with a deployed relative.

As preparations for the fun run heats up, the Army wives get a friendly rivalry going with the Marine wives. Denise is caught in the middle when her sisters come to visit and bicker throughout the day.

Chase seeks help from Roland. In Afghanistan, the village Trevor and Jeremy are patrolling is targeted by suicide bombers.

Michael informs Claudia Joy he won't be in contact for several days because of a mission. In the fourth season finale, Denise goes into labor while on the phone with Jeremy.

Claudia Joy receives disturbing news as Emmalin prepares for graduation. Pamela reconsiders her future after a talk with Gina and Joan must make a life-changing decision.

Denise has her hands full with her newborn baby while getting ready to meet her future daughter-in-law. Claudia Joy prepares to send Emmalin off to college.

Roxy is having problems with her preteen son TJ and gets an unexpected visitor. Joan and Roland discuss the next step in their relationship.

Pamela makes a decision about her future. At Claudia Joy's law school graduation, Professor Chandler guest star Harry Hamlin offers her a part time job working as an associate in his firm.

TJ's rebellious ways continue and Trevor's absence is taking a toll on Roxy. Joan has been made garrison commander while Roland feels sidelined.

Claudia Joy begins her first day working as an associate in Professor Chandler's law firm, but the day takes an unexpected turn when he yells at her.

With Trevor still refusing to speak to her and TJ being rebellious, Roxy is near breaking point. Roland and Joan have to figure out where their daughter will go to preschool.

The wives support each other as Denise and Frank deal with the loss of their son Jeremy. Trevor, Jeremy's squad leader, decides to remain in Afghanistan as the other squad members are still reeling from his death.

Pamela worries about Chase, who, unknown to her, had been deployed on a classified mission at short notice.

The loss of Jeremy is still keenly felt. Claudia Joy tries to help Denise cope with her grief. Roxy and the boys deal with their own fears after learning that Trevor was at the scene of Jeremy's death.

Roland wrestles with his guilt as he had been the one to declare Jeremy psychologically fit for duty. Pamela understands she's still in love with Chase and they decide to marry again.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Michael, Trevor and the 23rd have their own issues to deal with. James Stanley. Claudia Joy copes with memories of Amanda.

Roxy considers expanding her business. Pamela and Chase monitor their behavior in front of their kids. Roland begins to lose confidence in himself.

Claudia Joy and Chandler try to help an Army wife who is being threatened with deportation. Roxy finds a way to cut costs and move forward with the truck stop.

Roland and Joan offer to watch Molly when Denise comes down with the flu. Pamela and Chase get married at the Hump Bar.

Claudia Joy receives news good news about her tumor. Chandler finds an unlikely ally in Michael to help with the deportation conundrum.

Roxy and Pamela disagree over how Roxy is handling the truck stop and Whit's presence. Roland and Joan talk further about whether she should try for another baby or consider adoption.

Michael has exciting news for Claudia Joy. As the 23rd comes home to Fort Marshall, Roxy finds herself in big trouble. With Trevor coming home she hopes to delay news of the truck stop as long as possible.

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Top-Rated Episodes S5. Error: please try again. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. Drama T. Tv shows I watched.

TV Shows I've Watched. TV Shows I Watch ed. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Army Wives have you seen? Share this Rating Title: Army Wives — 7.

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