AroundMe App – Helping you Navigation in City Life

AroundMe is the application for iPhone with Good Positive Review and Popularity as it can help you use the location-aware API of Google. It is considered to be the easiest and the fastest app for spotting the locations of your interest around you. It is not a matter where you are staying. Comparable to the app of Yelp, it can act fast and can suggest you regarding the bars and the restaurants surroundings. It is helpful as because you can also find the emergent utilities like hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets, theatres and others. The positivity of this app, AroundMe is the speediness and the simplicity. It is possible only by a single click.

The version of this app is varied. The version 4.0.1 appeared on the 26th July, 2010. The size of this app is 3.00 MB. The seller of this app is Marco Pifferi. The app is programmed by Tweakersoft and the copyright belongs to Tweakersoft also. It is fallen in the Lifestyle category.

In version 4.1.4, the localizations are updated and the minor bugs are fixed. This app appeared on the 16th March, 2011 along with size of 4.1.4. The size of this app is 3.4 MB and available in the languages of English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. It is rated 4+.

You see there are listings and you can prefer the locations on Map. The route can be viewed from your location. The information can be added to your contact list and you can e-mail to your friends. The listings which are around you can help you locate the information by utilizing Wikipedia. It is easy and fast and AroundMe can be your ideal companion for days.

It is to be noted if you possess an iPod Touch you are to remember this app does not have a built in GPS as a result it cannot locate your position accurately.


It is splendid and helpful. It can be better for them who prefer traveling.



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